CBS is airing this year's Super Bowl, but so far one of the ads has generated some controversy.

Tim Tebow flamed out with the Jets. It ended up getting the general manager fired for what was a bad move in the first place. Not because of his lack of ability, or for being a locker room cancer, but because he did not fit their schemes. They never did utilize him in the formations they said they would, and the rest is history.

But CBS is apparently mocking Tebow now that he is one year removed from his magical season in Denver. A new CBS ad featuring Neal Patrick Harris shows him wearing the same eye-black as Tebow, but instead of a Bible verse, the eye black reads "Feb. 3, 2013" -- the date of the Super Bowl.

One of the things Tebow was famous for was the eye-black with a number of verses (especially John 3:16) printed on them. Some say CBS is merely cashing in on his popularity. Given the beating he took in the media this year, others say CBS is mocking him.

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