During Tuesday's press conference, Gov. Inslee was asked about Phase 3 in his Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery Plan.

Many people noticed in January when the failed Safe Start was re-packaged into this Healthy Washington Plan, there were only 2 phases. Now that the entire state (8 regions) are all in Phase 2, what's next? This was Inslee's quote about that question:

“I’m confident we’re going to move forward ultimately because we have so many Washingtonians who are masking up, who are being safe, who are not having dangerous parties in their homes.This is the reason that we’re making progress and I’m reasonably confident that that will continue. So we made decisions based on science. It has served us so well.”

However, that does not answer the Phase 3 question.  A thorough examination of the coronavirus.wa.gov website shows no trace of any. The only reference to Phase 3 we could find in news reports was originally published by KREM-2 TV in Spokane January 11th.

They ran a feature story about how Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward is pushing to be an active participant in planning for Phase 3 and/or 4, because Eastern WA has been woefully under-represented in the process.

So, for now, WA state, including our South Central Region (Kittitas, Yakima, Benton, Franklin and Columbia Counties) will just have to 'enjoy' being in Phase 2 for a while.


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