Psychologist says fearfully 'wired' people more likely to embrace lockdowns, control (Amazon-mask-sale)
Psychologist says fearfully 'wired' people more likely to embrace lockdowns, control (Amazon-mask-sale)

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) have released results of a new study, they put out a story this week about how perhaps your internally wired personality affects how you deal with lockdowns. And, your political views as well; plus how the two are intertwined.

They listed a variety of examples of COVID Holiday 'emergency' warnings issued to citizens and workers; from the warnings issued by the states of Kentucky and Wisconsin, to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio encouraging citizens to 'narc' on what they believe to be gatherings that are "too big" by snapping a picture and posting it to a snitch page.

However, according to North Carolina psychologist Tim Daughtry, how we are wired internally can greatly affect our reactions to all this. While every human has a certain level of "fight or flight" sensory response, it differs in many people.

He said, according to ALG:

“One personality type is more resilient and frightened by fewer things and when they are frightened, they get over it quickly. The other personality type is more easily frightened and more likely to be nervous about big events.” 

He also said a person's political preferences greatly affect how they regard these latest restrictions. A recent Gallup Poll shows 64 percent of Republican/Conservative men and 54 percent of R/C women are ready to return to normal, or at least some semblance of it. However, only 5 percent of men who identify as Democrat/liberal are ready, and only 3 percent of said women.

The poll also showed conservatives bristle and outright ignore such restrictions as those listed above, while liberals seem to accept and even embrace them. The same goes for general restrictions on personal freedoms.

Daughtry also told ALG:

“The virus tends to fit the narrative of people who are left leaning, those people who say, ‘We need more government. Personal freedom can present a risk to other people.’”

On the other side, he reports that people on the other side who have lower fear levels and a calmer approach are far more likely to be skeptical about what they are hearing and will simply “go about their business.”

He believes what should have been an "open scientific case" (COVID and it's related issues) became political.  He said with the political left  “everything is focused on politics, all aspects of culture, including medicine and science.”

By contrast, on the conservative side, they view politics in terms of elections, and civics.

ALG says how you react to CDC and other warnings, and government policies may be all in your head. If you're hard wired to be fearful, you're more likely to accept and even embrace lockdowns.

And finally, Daughtry said:

“It is unfortunate that politics has become such a big piece of this . If we are truly dealing with a scientific issue, there shouldn’t be any dispute here. But the Left is so skilled at injecting politics into everything. They see everything through a political lens.”

To read more about this phenomenon from ALG, click on the button below.

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