Perhaps the odds of catching the culprit are rare, but donations continue to pour in for Boomer.

Boomer, as he's been named by the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter (PAWS) and the Morrow County Sheriff's office, was found wandering in a rural area of the county on July 26th.  A concerned citizen found the dog, and while checking to see if he had a collar or ID, saw he was bleeding badly with significant trauma to his muzzle.

After a call to the Morrow County Sheriff's Department, Boomer was taken to the vet who works with PAWS, and found to have been shot through the face. The bullet went through his muzzle, tongue and pallet, coming to a rest lodged in his throat. He's lucky it didn't continue and cut an artery or his spine. Besides being in obvious pain, the dog was unable to eat or drink due to the trauma.

After a successful surgery to remove the bullet and do some repairs, Boomer is starting to respond and gain back some weight.

The Morrow County Sheriff's Department is seeking any and all tips or information anyone might have about this dog, you can call Morrow County Dispatch (541)-676-5317, number active  24-7. Due to the severity of the incident, likely multiple charges facing the suspect. All leads can be confidential.

Donations are still needed to help continue with his care, anyone who would like to help can call PAWS at (541)-276-0181, or you can contact them via their Facebook page. For more information and contact details click on the button below.

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