Oct. 13, the Eastgate Grid Kid youth football fields next to the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds will be dotted with lots of pink.

That Saturday, the entire Kennewick Grid Kids organization will support Breast Cancer Awareness month by adding pink to the uniform of every team.

There are eight organizations in the Kennewick youth football system, Colts, Eagles, Tigers, Bears, Coyotes, Huskies, Panthers, and Rams. Each organization has five teams for a total of 40 teams.

On Oct. 13, each team will be sporting everything from pink helmet stripes to pink socks and several teams will even don pink jerseys! Contributions are made from various fund raisers held by the teams, and the donations given to help the fight against breast cancer.

If you'd like to see this pink invasion of the football fields, come down to the Kennewick Grid Kid fields, right next to Eastgate Elementary School on 10th in Kennewick on Oct. 13. Games start at 8 a.m. and run through 4 p.m. Come join the fight against breast cancer and watch the future high school stars of tomorrow on the grid iron!


Kennewick Grid Kids Colts "C" Squad Pink Day 2010
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