The Washington State Department of Health Thursday released the results of their 'best drinking water in Washington' program.

While we've have numerous dealings with the Washington State Department of Health (in a good way- newswise) we didn't know they had an Office of Drinking Water (ODW).

During the first week of May, the agency plans to salute a number of water supply systems (public) and officials for providing their communities with what the ODW calls the best drinking water in the state.  From news released by the state:

“The safe drinking water running through the taps of Washington homes is all thanks to the water system operators and others who provide safe, reliable drinking water to millions of Washington homes year after year,” said Clark Halvorson, director of the agency’s Office of Drinking Water."

The systems being honored at the beginning of next month include:

  • Tacoma Water System
  • Kitsap Public Utility District
  • City of Colville Water system
  • Clark Public Utilities
  • Cedar Water Treatment Facility
  • Seattle Public Utilities

It is certainly worthy of the state to honor those who work especially hard, because clean drinking water is key to a healthy community.  But now that Tacoma is winning an award for their water system, maybe they can do something about the "interesting" smells you get when you're in the vicinity?  Just sayin...

Unfortunately, nobody from our region was on the list.  But our water suits us just fine!

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