Many cities have a VIPS program in their police department, or Volunteers In Police Service. Kennewick does. But this idea actually takes it a little bit further.

Walla Walla police and the Blue Mountain Humane Society are teaming to offer 'police' training to dog walkers, so they can act as extra ears and eyes for law enforcement.

According to KEPR-TV, the program will offer tips and training for regular dog walkers on how to spot unusual activity, signs to look for or notice that could indicate criminal or other unusual activity.

These people will not be officially deemed officers in any capacity. But they will be able to provide information to police about anything they see in the community, especially once they've received their training.

Police believe it will be very useful in having extra folks watching, especially since dog walkers cover a lot of ground, and do it on a regular basis.

In no way will these people engage anyone they see committing a crime, or if they spot a wanted suspect. They will simply relay the information to authorities. But having potentially dozens or even hundreds of people out watching can only help police with enforcement and crime prevention.


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