The issue has come up (again) because of a DUI arrest made Sunday on the Old Inland Empire Highway west of Benton City.

Benton County Deputies saw this vehicle being 'operated' on the public road, which is not permitted in Benton County. Upon seeing the Deputy turn patrol car around, the driver. 29-year-old Zachary Alexander, sped up and began to driver rather crazily.

He was eventually caught up to and arrested for DUI.  Benton County authorities say the only areas where these quad type vehicles can be operated on city roads are within the city limits of Kennewick and Prosser. Nowhere else can they be driven on public or city streets. Kennewick and Prosser have ordinances permitting them.

AND, they have to be double tagged on the plate, for on and off road use. These type of vehicles have two spots on the plate, one for each type of tag. Outside of Kennewick and Prosser, they're not allowed on any public or county road in Benton.

Officials say they're seeing an increase in violations involving these type of vehicles.

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