NO it's not a tank, it's an MRAP (ACSO)
NO it's not a tank, it's an MRAP (ACSO)

Technically, it's called an MRAP, a 'Cougar' and it's all business.

Adams County Sheriff's Office gets new 'toy'

The Sheriff's Department didn't specify if it came from the Army or Marines, but it will be joining their TRT or Technical Response Team.

The team, according to the Adams County Sheriff, works all over Adams and Grant County:

"This vehicle will greatly assist our regional Tactical Response Team made up of various agencies in our area to include the Moses Lake Police Department (Host agency), Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Quincy Police Department, Ephrata Police Department, and others.
Adams County Currently has three members assigned to the team."
  The vehicle will be used in situations where persons, including law enforcement, require a secure removal or rescue from a situation, also to be employed in situations where protection and safety are otherwise impossible for Officers and citizens.
Adams County Sheriff gets new 'toy' (ACSO)
Adams County Sheriff gets new 'toy' (ACSO)

  What is this thing anyway?

It's referred to as an MRAP, or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Cougar, most built by the General Dynamics Company. Most have four-wheel drive, carry a crew of at least six (in the military configuration) and many were used by the Marines starting in 2004. It weighs around 17 tons, is 23 feet long, and has a factory-listed top speed of 65 MPH! 

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As newer vehicles and models arrive, hundreds of them have been auctioned off.  One department in Pasco County, Florida, got a $700K model (price when brand new) at auction for only $5K.

It arrived in Ritzville at the Sheriff's Department this week, and crews will begin training and familiarization tasks immediately.


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