According to a shocking report released Wednesday afternoon, Tony Stewart has been cleared of wrongdoing in the tragic death of sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. in part because the District Attorney's report says Ward was high on marijuana!

Ontario County, New York District Attorney says pathology reports indicate the young driver had enough pot in his system to "impair judgement."

Ward died after he ran out on the track from his disabled sprint car.  He and Stewart had contact in a race August 9th at the Canandaiga Motorsports Park in upstate New York.   Ward Jr. angrily ran towards Stewart's moving car as the rest of the field sped past him under yellow flag conditions.  He died after suffering trauma from being hit by Stewart's right rear tire.

Ontario County DA Michael Tantillo said toxicology and pathology data showed enough marijuana in Ward Jr's system to impair his judgement, although the exact levels were not released in their statement.   According to USA Today:

'...Tantillo said there were two charges submitted for consideration by the grand jury against Stewart: manslaughter in the second degree and criminally negligent homicide. He said neither received the necessary 12 votes from the 23-person grand jury to charge Stewart. The grand jury heard the evidence and deliberated "over the better part of two days."

Ward's family said the focus should be on Stewart, and not her son.  She claims Stewart intentionally tried to intimidate her son by gunning his engine as the driver approached Stewart's car.   His family vowed to continue to pursue justice for their son, BUT they had no comment about the marijuana being in her son's system.