Sliding home in baseball ahead of the tag means you're safe. But reaching your driveway when your driving drunk and a Deputy is on your tail does NOT mean it's "all good."

Monday night a Benton County Deputy informed a suspected drunk driver of that. Sheriff's officials didn't say where this occurred, but Daniel James was pulled over by a Deputy on patrol just as he was arriving at his home. Apparently the officer had been following him for at least a bit.

After stopping in his driveway, James exited his car, and angrily charged at the Deputy. He scuffled for a bit before being subdued. He told the officer he was safe because he had reached "home base."  Then, he tried to make a run for his house. The Deputy noticed a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. His attempts to 'steal home' failed, and now he's in the Benton County jail on DUI charges.

Out At Home!