It should be considered a brilliant leap in the telling of humanity whenever the real face of the human condition is exposed – especially when it exposes the wrath of cold-blooded rubber animal killers.

That’s what we said — rubber animal killers.

According to a recent road experiment conducted by NASA engineer Mark Rober, some sickos out there are actually swerving to hit animals rather than avoid them.

The good news is that most people appear to be relatively good civilians, because out of 1,000 passing cars 94 percent of the vehicles did stop or slow down to avoid churning roadkill on their way through.

What is shocking is that six percent of the passing drivers actually went out of their way to butcher a defenseless little beast.

However, the killing spree might have something to do with the types of animals that were used for bait.

The scientist placed rubber turtles, snakes, tarantulas, and a real life maple leaf on a shoulder of road, and out of the six percent of those who proved to be diabolical killers, 3.2 percent of them targeted spiders with extreme prejudice, followed by snake snuffers at two percent with the remaining 1 percent guilty of turtle murder.

Incidentally, no one even attempted to kill the maple leaf.

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