Late Wednesday night, Kennewick Police had their hands full with a multi vehicle crash that could have set off a gas explosion.

Officers responded to Gage and Steptoe, where a vehicle ran a red light.  That SUV, a Dodge Durango, then slammed into a Mercedes, sending it crashing through a fence and hitting a Cascade Natural Gas pump station! The Durango is seen in the back of the picture.

Then, a third vehicle, pictured here, tried to drive right through the accident scene, nearly hitting one of the KPD officers doing traffic direction, containment, and trying to help with the accident!

The silver SUV was quickly pulled over, and officers determined the woman driving was intoxicated. In addition, police-acting on probable cause-obtained a blood draw warrant for the Durango driver who ran the red light. He was taken to TRIOS Southridge ER for unnamed injuries. No word yet on results of blood draw.

The driver of the Mercedes was not injured. Cascade Natural Gas crews quickly responded and shut off the nearby pumps and lines until repairs could be made. The incident continues to be investigated.

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