5-22 driver flees hit and run rolls car 32932039_1569300869835016_3758090899326763008_n

Not only was he charged with hit and run, he's also facing other crash and driving related infractions. And, adding insult to injury, unsafe transportation of an animal.

Police say the driver who fled a hit and run Friday near 20th and Lewis turned out to be drunk. Just before 6pm, the driver of the truck pictured hit another vehicle, but instead of staying at the scene, he fled.

The vehicle sped along Argent at a high rate of speed near the airport throwing sparks and vehicle parts until the driver flipped it. He was captured at the scene. His name was not released but he's facing not only hit and run, but reckless driving charges too.

The unsafe transportation of an animal charges is because he had his dog with him in the truck. But fortunately the animal was not hurt, nor was the driver.

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