This has to be either the cheapest dude in town, or just plain stupid.

Kennewick police report over the weekend, an intoxicated man at Spare Time Lanes Bowling Center near Lampson Stadium refused a ride home, and got a night in jail for it.

A worker noticed the man, identified as Kristopher Reed, who was obviously too drunk to drive home. The worker called for an Uber ride for him, but he steadfastly refused. He got in his own car, and drove away. The Uber driver, concerned for Reed's safety, followed him all the way up to the 1100 block of West 10th, where Reed parked his vehicle.

Officer contacted Reed, and a DUI test performed. Police got a warrant for a blood test, and here's where it gets even better. Officers asked him to get out of the car as they were going to perform the blood draw, but Reed refused, and kicked one of the officers. He was eventually removed from the car, subsequently arrested for DUI, and is now also facing assault charges.

All because he was too prideful or too cheap to pay for an Uber ride. Now he's facing hundreds, if not thousands, in fines, fees, court costs and more for DUI.

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