Police say the driver of an SUV that left a car split in half, an injured driver, and then a spectacular gas pump explosion may have been intoxicated.

KOMO-TV reports in North Seattle Monday night, the SUV was seen speeding through traffic on Holman Road. The vehicle clipped a car, sending it into a tree, splitting the car in half.  The 35-year-old man inside was trapped, had to be cut free, and is in the hospital with serious injuries.

The SUV continued flying through traffic, then barrelled across the parking lot of a Shell gas station at the corner of 4th. and Holman. Witnesses and police say the SUV missed two pumps, but blasted over a third, setting off a spectacular flash explosion and fire. Before hitting the pump, KOMO reports the vehicle jumped the curb, briefly got airborne before flying across the parking lot into the gas pump.

Authorities arrested the driver, a blood sample was taken on suspicion of the driver being intoxicated. Police said the driver was an employee of a ride-share service, but didn't say which one. Authorities strongly suspect impairment as an explanation for the wild unsafe driving by the man.

The man had a 40-year-old woman with him, she was treated for minor injuries at a hospital, reports KOMO-TV.

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