John McKay
John McKay

Many around the Pacific Northwest are not aware that since early 2018, a group of backers and developers have assembled a plan to try to bring a Major League Baseball team to the Rose City.

Most of the growing sports talk (besides Seahawks, Mariners and Blazers) has been centered on Seattle obtaining an NHL franchise. But now, a group called Portland Diamond Project have taken a significant step towards getting the land and facilities for such a goal.

Portland Diamond Project announced in the last week they have agreed in principle to develop a 45-acre parcel at the Port of Portland which would house the 32,000 seat stadium featuring a retractable roof.

Even Hawks Quarterback Russel Wilson has been supporting the project on social media since this summer. The site along the Willamette River is called Terminal 2, and for years has been used for metalworks storage and other cargo storage.

A new website was launched earlier this summer with information about the project. Some say it would go a long way towards restoring the tarnished image of the Rose City, which has been marred by violence, protests, controversial street activist vandalism and other urban issues.

Others say the chances of the city getting an MLB team are slim, for the same reasons. They say Portland's controversial image will scare away investors, sports teams and other potential supporters. No timetable has been set for when the group would like to have a team in place.

You can see all the plans by clicking here.

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