We love to claim our local celebrities. That is, unless your name is Evel Knievel. He moved to Moses Lake about 1963 and opened a Honda motorcycle dealership. Later he moved to Sunnyside and worked in Don Pomeroy's shop. He started doing small stunt shows, then got a promoter and did larger shows in California where he got famous and the rest is history.

His time in Moses Lake is history the community would love to forget. That's according to a community Facebook group where a casual, "Does anywhere know where Evel Knievel lived in Moses Lake?" turned into a gripe fest with everyone sharing their bad memories.

Some said he was "run out of town" for not paying his bills. Another said he burglarized a few businesses. Another said while working as a delivery driver he took home items he wasn't supposed to. A man said his dad beat Knievel up after catching him taking something out of his truck. Another said Knievel still owes his wife $25! And another thought he owed his friend $1,500!

His Wikipedia article says he poached elk while working as a hunting guide and while working as an insurance agent in Montana he sold policies to "institutionalized mental patients." It also said it's believed he stiffed a Czechoslovakian Olympic team of several hundred dollars.

Several others in the Facebook group shared fond memories of purchasing their first motorcycle from him, and either riding with him or their relatives riding with him. After becoming famous he still returned to town to socialize and do stunts in local parades. He created his own destiny and lived the American dream, inspiring millions.

(He lived at 425 Ridge Road, by the way)

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His Honda dealership was at 824 W 3rd Ave.