Pasco police say it's got to be some sort of record. Not one, but TWO drivers found passed out behind the wheel of their vehicles, in traffic, on the same evening.

The first one occurred at the intersection of 18th. and A street, where a man later found to have meth and other drug items inside his vehicle. The driver was passed out in the intersection, he was taken to jail.

Then a short time later, police received a call about another driver asleep at 20th and Court. The man was passed out at a red light. Officers say when they arrived the man was blasting Snoop Dog loudly, but still passed out. Authorities say he was likely drunk, he too was taken into custody after field testing.

In the case of the second driver, Snoop Dog became Sleepy Dog. You can see this driver slumped behind the wheel in this Pasco PD photo.


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