A man who had made quite a name for himself in the Everett, WA area for helping many people kick their drug habits has himself been charged with trafficking meth, heroin, illegal marijuana and powerful prescription narcotics!

50-year-old Timothy Rehberg operated several homes under a program called "Clean and Sober," where people lived and underwent drug treatment programs. The businesses were officially listed as "I.C. Clean People Recovery Houses."

Rehberg caught the attention of Everett police, as well as county law enforcement, when last December a witness positively identified him as someone who was selling marijuana, methamphetamine and and heroin.

Police quickly set up a surveillance operation, and this last week Rehberg was taken into custody. In the garage of one of his homes he operated on Everett Avenue, police found a safe containing meth, heroin, and oxycodone. The garage was said to have bene his "office" for the business.

A search of another of his homes turned up a pound of crystal meth, a quarter pound of heroin, alone with more oxycodone, marijuana and another powerful prescription drug, methodone.

They also found a .38 caliber pistol, which Rehberg had in violation of a previous felony drug conviction.

Several residents at his homes called it a "betrayal," according to NW Cable News. One asked if the program he was contributing to was helping to fund drug dealing.

Rehberg appeared in Federal court Thursday, but the exact charges he is facing were not yet revealed. However, they are expected to be numerous.

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