You might not have been asked yet to do this, but it's coming. More retailers asking consumers to 'swipe' their driver's license through ID reader for purchases, returns. Here's why you shouldn't.

According to the National Retail Foundation and NW Cable News,  nearly 60% of major retailers are now asking consumers to swipe their driver's license through an ID reader, utilizing the information coding on the license. It's for ID and security purposes, as well as tracking consumer information, say the stores.

But a number of cyber security experts say it's not a good idea.

According to a security expert who talked with NW Cable News about the procedure:

"They have name, date of birth, address, and driver's license number," according to Apolonio Garcia -- president of HealthGuard IT Security.

He demonstrated by swiping his license on a retail card reader.

It showed his home address and birthday, which was enough to make him uncomfortable.

In some states, your hair and eye color, and weight also show up, as well as whether you are an organ donor."

In most states, your Social Security number doesn't show up. But it does in some states.  So what can you do?

Garcia says, unless the store absolutely mandates it, don't swipe it even if asked.  Some of the major stores that have started this policy include:

Home Depot, Best Buy, Victoria's Secret, Michaels, and Target (for alcohol and nicotine patch purchases).

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