So often we see criminals get tripped up because of the smallest details. No different in this case.

Very early Monday morning, a Pasco police officer noticed a truck being driven near the Rodeway Inn in Pasco, it had Idaho license plates that had expired two years ago.

Suspect driving vehicle stolen out of Idaho (Pasco police)
Suspect driving vehicle stolen out of Idaho (Pasco police)

Officer Travis Park pulled over the driver, 51-year-old Robert Glen Rupert of Walla Walla.  After initially giving Officer Park a fake name, Rupert then tried to run but was quickly caught and subdued.

The initial investigation discovered Rupert is wanted on multiple arrest warrants in 3 states. Police also contacted the company that owned the vehicle, turns out it was a work truck and they had reported it missing as well as the equipment in the back.

Now Rupert is facing additional charges of possession of a stolen vehicle in addition to the previous warrants. The vehicle is in the process of being returned to the Idaho company that owns it. Police didn't say how Rupert go the truck, the investigation continues.

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