Saturday April 9th, emphasis patrol in Pasco (PPD)
Saturday April 9th, emphasis patrol in Pasco (PPD)

Talk about getting a heads up!

Pasco PD will be conducting an emphasis patrol Saturday, April 9

In 1981 (showing my age) Van Halen released one of their most underrated and my favorite albums, entitled "Fair Warning."

Now in 2022, Pasco PD is giving you that. Saturday, Aprll 9th, they will be conducting a Distracted Driving emphasis patrol from 11 AM to 3 PM at 20th and Court in Pasco. 

Pasco PD warning (PPD)
Pasco PD warning (PPD)


The purpose is to emphasize not diddling around with your phone or other digital devices while driving. 20th and Court, and much of Court in general, is one of the most heavily-traveled streets in town--it can be a challenge.

  Distracted Driving can be a hefty ticket

For a first-time offense, the DD ticket is $136. For the second (if you already have one on record) it nearly doubles to $234. AND it is considered a moving violation, which means it goes on your Department of Licensing record and could affect your insurance.

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It's treated the 'same' way as a speeding ticket or other moving violation.

PPD included this with their informational release:

"We will be at the intersection of 20th and Court Street looking for people driving and using their cell phones. To avoid getting a ticket put the phone done and pay attention to the road ahead of you. We will be watching from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm."

Texting and calling (unless hands-free calling) can wait until you get to your destination.


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