Augers are the spinning giant 'screws' that move crops that are cut inside a combine. Getting yourself caught in them can be deadly.

What Happened to Farm Worker Near Franklin-Adams County Line?

Tuesday evening Franklin County Deputies and EMS workers assisted Adams County in coming to the aid of a farmworker. He'd been working on an auger inside a combine when he became trapped-entangled.

No word if it was running at the time, only that he was working on it.  These augers are giant screws that act as a conveyor belt and move cut crops to the threshing drum, which shakes and separates wheat and other grains from the stalks.

It took several hours to extricate him, he was airlifted by Life Flight  to a hospital for treatment. No word on his injuries or which hospital. More information expected soon.

The accident occurred in Adams County, just north of the Franklin County Line.

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Farming is a dangerous occupation, the CDC released a report four years ago in 2017 indicating nationally 416 workers died in farm-related accidents.

There are thousands of non-fatal but injury accidents that occur as well. Many of them involve tractor tip-overs and issues.

A study released earlier this year said farming is the sixth most dangerous occupation in the United States.


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