There's a ton of different stuff you could get Dad for Father's Day, but this list we found interesting. lists 18 gifts for Dad's Day that aren't "lame" in their words. They include:

*A whiskey glass that freezes water inside one of the sides, so every sip is cold going down.  Hmmmm...good!

*How about an old school turntable?  So dad can play the albums he had as a teen - wait - they're all scratched in that attic.

*And finally,  a drone!   Yes, courtesy of, a quadcopter drone for dad to buzz around the neighborhood, at least until the neighbors get teed off and shoot it down with a hunting rifle. Found on, it's less than $79!  In fact, most of the list is made up of items found on the online retail giant.

But actually the list is pretty cool, tasteful, and very different than a lot of the stale ideas most dad's get stuck with. To view the store and entire list, click here.