This story was originally posted to Reddit on Friday: "Growing up my dad always dreamed of owning a 57 Chevy Bel-Air. He grew up poor in a family of 7 children. He never thought he would be able to own his dream vehicle but would talk about it all the time. When I was 8 years old I promised him that on his 57th birthday I would buy him a 57 Bel-Air. I never forgot and was able to fulfill my promise. Here is his reaction:"

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To afford the car the son worked 60 hours a week, 6 days a week for several months. He actually bought the car two years prior, and hid it in his garage until the 57th birthday.

This video (as well as soldiers returning unexpectedly to their wives and children) touch me on multiple fronts.

It makes me think of my own dad and the relationship I had with him.

Think how amazing it would be for a dad on his 57th birthday to receive something like this. Your boy makes a promise when he was 8, and not only remembers, but comes through!

What an amazing gift and this will be one of those videos to remember. At the start you can see it's just another day in this guy's life, and in two minutes you witness a moment that man will always remember -- it's a token of a legacy. When he dies and is asked, What legacy did you leave? He can say, "Well, my son fulfilled a promise he made when he was 8 years old to buy me a car on my 57th birthday."