Many times, people who've been wanted on outstanding warrants have been done in by a faulty tailight, blinker or other mechanical (non-driving) issue. They get pulled over and poof! The officer's computer lights up with arrest warrants.

But in Stanfield, OR this last week, we came across our first ever bike rider equipment arrest.

Authorities say 32-year-old James Johnson was riding in town without any lights or reflective equipment,  and was stopped by a Stanfield officer. He intended to just warn him (it is a law in Stanfield to have certain lights or reflectors) but Johnson ended up going to jail.  The officer learned Johnson had an active arrest warrant for failure to appear. Officials didn't say what his original crime was, but now he's pretty sure to be there for the NEXT appearance.

And, make sure you've got lights and reflectors on your bike.

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