GOP House Rep Dan Newhouse calls it a "gamechanger" when it comes to jobs, the economy and the future of nuclear energy in WA and the nation.

Rep Dan Newhouse

Thursday, Newhouse teamed with the Grant County PUD, Energy Northwest, and the company X-energy to kick off a program that will evaluate, develop and build the first of what's called an Advanced Nuclear Reactor north of Richland.

They're referred to as ADRP reactors.

The program stems from a $230 million dollar plan from the Department of Energy's Advanced Reactor Demonstration program; the funding was appropriated as part of the 2020 budget.

  Advanced Nuclear Reactors differ from 'traditional' models in that they can utilize a variety of cooling methods ranging from water to molten salt, from high temp gas to liquid metal. They also are designed to rapidly adjust their electicity output, making it easier and faster to respond to power deficits resulting from unpredicable 'green energy.'   Kind of a plug the gaps methodology, keep the power grid stable.

U.S. Dept of Energy

They are considered simpler, safer, and can go longer than larger models without refueling. They still produce tremendous amounts of energy, which can be used to generate electricity.

No doubt the region's extensive successful nuclear history played a role in landing this project.

This project will be built on an already permitted site north of Richland on the Hanford site; officials hope to have a working model ready int the next five to seven years. To find out more about how these reactors work, click on the button below.

Use of these could ward off future energy issues.


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