As Kennewick Police continue to investigate a case that's grabbed public attention, three suspects are now facing felony charges, and additional weapons located.

Police used a search warrant to go through a home in the 1600 block of West 1st Ave. and found a pair of BB gun pistols, Airsofts, and a similar rifle.

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19-year-old  Dweight Watkins and two juvenile boys have been taken into custody, Watkins is facing 3rd Degree 'adult' Felony Assault charges; the two others Juvenile 3rd Degree Felony Assault marks. Additional charges could be pending, say police.


The three were apprehended as part of a group of young men, who were riding in a pickup and were shooting their BB guns indiscriminately at citizens two days ago.

Two children, one of them a 5-year-old girl, were hit by at least one more more pellets. One child sustained multiple welts, the 5-year-old had been out playing her front yard when she was hit.

The suspects stirred up extreme wrath in the community after witnesses reported the suspects were heard laughing as they drove away from the 5-year-old shooting.


A total of 9 people have now come forward to report they were shot at and hit in the areas of the 1900 block of West 4th, as well as the area of 4th. and South Vancouver.

Authorities did not say if additional suspects are being sought, but there is a possibility of more charges being levied. Regardless of whether these were BB guns or not, they posted a viable threat to persons by their actions.


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