Maybe an excuse to clean up Seattle? (Facebook--Seattle Looks Like S**t)
Maybe an excuse to clean up Seattle? (Facebook--Seattle Looks Like S**t)

The decay of Seattle is no secret. Crowded with growing numbers of homeless camps and other activities, the city's crime rate has risen sharply.

   There might be a reason for the city to clean up. coming soon

The urban decay of Seattle has been documented, with even social media sites keeping track of the blight. One of them, Seattle Looks Like S**t,  has well over 84K active members.  Aside from its shocking title, the site actually does a credible job of tracking and monitoring the decay. Members post more pictures and report more activity than even Seattle-area media.

But there might be an 'excuse' to clean it up, and it came today from the Governor's office.

  Gov. Inslee announces major event coming in 2023.

Thursday, October 27th. Inslee's office announced the city will be hosting the  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Senior Officials’ and Ministerial Meetings, which are scheduled for 2023. The specific date was not listed yet in the release.

Washington state has enormous trade with the far east and Asia, and according to Inslee's office:

"Hosting one of the APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting in 2023 in Seattle will showcase U.S. economic leadership, particularly on economic inclusion, given the large, diverse, and dynamic Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander population in the region."

However, as we have usually seen in major cities that host large prestigious events, there is an effort to "clean up" or at least sanitize the city's appearance.

Given the amount of decay and urban blight in the Emerald City, it's very likely there will be concerted efforts to 'fix' or at least cleanup and hide the homeless camps and other visible issues.

Perhaps it is cynical, but many times we have seen this. A major city will do sweeps to clear out unsightly 'elements,' at least in the areas where these major events will take place.

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So perhaps next year, before the APEC Senior Meetings, Seattle will find a way to address a problem they've either ignored or just thrown money at ineffectively for years.


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