Portland, Oregon, is famous for being weird, so when a local resident spotted a court case labeled "United States of America v. All Roosters, Born and Unborn (to include Gamecocks, Cocks, Birds and Chickens)" they naturally demanded an explanation.

The person shared it to the social media site Reddit and people there had a very simple explanation:

If police suspect an item has been involved in a crime but can't prove it, they can seize the property and force the owner to prove it was not involved in a crime to get it back. The law was designed to allow police to seize large amounts of cash suspected of being involved in drug sales. But it can also be used to seize property suspected of being stolen, or that may later become evidence in a prosecution.

The court treats it as a charge against the item. Thus the court proceeding regarding roosters seized by police or FBI is called "USA v. All Roosters."

My guess is this was a cock (rooster) fighting bust. Cock fighting busts happen around Mid Columbia farms all the time.

FYI, some people are critical of civil forfeiture saying some police are using it as an excuse to seize any wad of cash to help fund their departments. Watch the video below:

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