Pasco Police didn't even have to use one of their outstanding K-9's to help solve this one.

A 22-year-old suspect is in the Franklin County jail on a variety of breaking and entering and theft charges after his Monday evening crime was captured on digital cameras.

Anthony Perez-Aguilar is accused of breaking into a garage in a home in the 300 block of North 2nd. Monday evening. Police say the homeowner arrived back around 7:45PM and discovered his set of Dodge Charger wheels were missing (quick check of Amazon, a mid range custom set runs around $800).

However the across the alleyway neighbor's 4K digital security cameras captured the entire theft, from Aguilar prying open the garage door, taking the wheels, and it also caught the license plate of the truck Aguilar left in.

It was tracked, and when Police arrived, the driver said Aguilar had sold him the wheels without his knowing they were stolen.  He gave them to Police to return, and then took officers to his garage, where Aguilar was sitting (pictured in story).

The video, which contained infrared capability, had also allowed Police to make a clear ID of Aguilar's face during the heist, making their case even stronger.

Digital tech 1, suspect -0-.

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