Imagine the delight in your children's eyes, and fun for grownups too, as you follow Santa Christmas Eve...heres how, with Newstalk 870.

NORAD, or the North American Aerospace Defense Command, has been tracking Santa since 1955.   The tradition began actually by accident.   The Sears store in Colorado Springs ran an ad with a phone number for children to call if they wanted to talk to Santa. But it was ONE digit off, and somehow, children called the public information line for NORAD!  Not wanting to be a grinch, the military officer in command played along, and as more calls poured in, the officials decided to make it a tradition where instead of calling, people could "track" Santa on NORAD's radar...and the rest is history!  Now, if you want to experience the joy of watching Santa do his thing,  click here for all the details.  And Santa has gone high tech...see the ways you can track him with your phone, facebook and more!  Merry Christmas from Newstalk 870...and Santa!

(NORAD is the uber secret, sophisticated military installation under the mountains of Colorado.  First built to track Soviet missles during the Cold War, NORAD moved from the Air Force base in Colorado Springs to it's present Cheyenne Mountain location in 1958.  When that facility became operational, the tracking Santa program went with it)

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