Who wants to spend all day slaving in the kitchen when you can just have someone else do it? I mean, I know it's traditional to get up early, get the turkey ready, make the stuffing, bake the pies, cook the green bean casserole... UGH, You miss out on all the fun and football because you're in the darn kitchen!  Well, not this year. Listen up people, this is not a drill!!

Porter's Real BBQ is now ready to take your orders for Thanksgiving! That's right, the yummiest place to get BBQ is going to make your Thanksgiving meat! They have smoked turkey breasts, or brisket! MMMM Thanksgiving BRISKET!! You can also order their delicious sides! Dinner. Done. It may seem early to order, but I'm thinking they only have a certain amount they can cook, so you'd better order early! For more info, prices, and to order, click this! Happy Thanksgiving!

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