It appears the decision to delay MS and HS education til February 2nd 2021 has been the last straw for a number of Kennewick school child parents.

On the heels of several new protests, including a 400-plus strong student march Oct. 28 in Kennewick, we have learned a group of parents are working with a Richland law firm, and the process has begun to officially seek the recall of 2, possibly three of the Kennewick School Board members who voted for the delay.

The members in question include Diane Sundvik, President Dawn Adams and Ron Mabry.  After setting up hybrid with a plan in place (and K-5 students had already returned) the board abruptly voted 3-2 on Oct. 21 to postpone middle and HS students to February. They were due to begin hybrid November 2 (two days in school, 3 at home, the AA--BB stagger).  The BFHD had given the green light to KSD, but at least 2 of the members voiced several concerns about return, and surprisingly voted no.

The process would go through the court system as an official recall, removing them from their positions.  This is a separate process from the 'other' legal action being taken; which is a court appeal of the decision to delay. That action is fighting the move to hybrid from November 2 to February.

THIS action is an actual recall of board members. We will continue to monitor this second legal action, as this is a developing story.

Two other attorneys are working on what is called a 28A in legal terminology; seeking a 'quick' court decision to overturn the board's decision Oct. 21st.  There has also been a petition filed seeking the 3 board members recall, but those petitions don't carry and 'legal' weight. They're mainly to put pressure on persons or groups upon which petitioners wish to affect change.

This official recall effort is the third leg of an effort to deal with the KSD situation.

Sources tell us that official recalls to remove public officials have to meet strict criteria, and they can take time, but we've learned the parents group is bent on seeing this happen.

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