Semi Bird, Kari Williams, Audra Byrd (Benton Franklin Education Facebook)
Semi Bird, Kari Williams, Audra Byrd (Benton Franklin Education Facebook)

The Richland School Board continues to face controversy, in the form of a recall effort started by four citizens.

Rally coming Saturday to John Dam Plaza

Audra Byrd, Kari Williams (board Vice-President) and Misipati Semi-Bird are being subjected to separate recall efforts, spearheaded by a group of four men (three of whom do not have children in the District).

The recall efforts claim a vote the three pushed for in February to make masks optional broke the "law," and claims are being made they also held illegal 'secret meetings.'  That claim comes from emails being exchanged, petitioners say that constituted a "meeting."

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The rally will be held from 10 AM to noon this Saturday at the John Dam Plaza in Richland.  Citizens, parents and students are encouraged by the organizers to show up and show support for Bird, Byrd, and Williams.

A Benton County Superior Court Judge ruled the recall can go forward, but there are some questions about due process concerning the case. Several observers in the courtroom during the time the case was heard (and the decision was made) say the 'defendants' were not allowed to present their side of the argument.

Click here for more information about the rally.


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