The 'social justice group Unbound (Tri-Cities) is at it again. After laying low for nearly six months, they've planned a rally Saturday in Walla Walla.

Unbound is a group that formed last summer, after the George Floyd protests in our area. Although their Facebook page shows several hundred likes-follows, their events have been attended by 60-70 people at most.

Their organizer, Brandon Jones aka Vic Stoned, was formally charged in October for his role in the Sept 26th assault on a Trump supporter at a MAGA Rally along Columbia Center Boulevard. Kennewick Police uncovered that he was the getaway driver. A rented black Cadillac Escalade had pulled up alongside some supporters. One of three occupants jumped out, confronted several rallygoers, then head-butted one of them in the face, leaving the victim with a damaged nose and blood-soaked shirt.

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The assault suspect was located, had already been charged and believed to have done their sentence or is in the process. But Jones, in the words of KPD investigators, got "into the wind."  For nearly six months, they played whack a mole, using leads to follow him from house to house where he was staying.

Assault getaway vehicle driven by Jones fleeing scene last fall (youtube video still)

Court document screen shots show he finally was either apprehended and made his necessary court appearances. It is not known if he's formally been sentenced yet on charges of Criminal Rendering  Assistance, apparently a gross misdemeanor under these circumstances. It also appears perhaps he's had some issues in Walla Walla, as well as previous legal issues in Benton County from 2018 and 19.

Jones Benton County court data (Washington Courts)

The Unbound group vanished immediately following the widespread news of his involvement in the assault, but now have created a private group to continue to resume their activities. In 2020 they faced off with Back The Blue supporters in front of Kennewick City Hall, and just prior to the assault incident, held a loud incendiary rally in front of Grigg's Department Store in Pasco. 

The group is strongly believed to have been behind a "credible threat" made against the Back The Blue Rally supporters in June, 2020. Their rhetoric included the statement "blue lives don't exist."

Now, this Saturday, they're planning a rally (ironically) in Walla Walla, the location of the State Penitentiary. The rally is called "Demanding Legal Justice Walla Walla," and 'demands' that no person be held in jail without trial.  Given the liberal leanings of the community, especially from Whitman College, it is possible this event might meet with a bit more favor than their events did in the Tri-Cities.

It is slated for 3PM at 5 West Alder Street, near the intersection of 2nd.


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