In the wake of the resignation of a GOP Legislator on charges of falsifying reimbursement forms, a former Franklin County top lawmaker announced Friday he is seeking her seat.

9th District Republican Representative Susan Fagan was the subject of an ethics board investigation starting in January, after discrepancies were discovered in travel expense reimbursement reports she filed.

Fagan denied the discrepancies, but offered to resign, which she did Friday.  Republican leaders in the state House had met with her and urged her to do so. Fagan says she will repay any of the overpayments from the reimbursements.

Meanwhile former Franklin County Sheriff Richard Lathim announced he would seek to fill the position and believes he is well qualified for the position. Lathim has 37 years in law enforcement including the last 28 as Franklin County Sheriff.

Legislators will appoint someone to finish out her term as 9th District Representative.  The 9th District includes Adams, Asotin, Garfield, Whitman and Franklin Counties, as well as parts of Southern Spokane County.