Mesa City Hall (google street view)
Mesa City Hall (google street view)

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department and other investigators say the woman tried to cover up the theft.

 Former Mesa Treasurer/City Clerk arrested in Richland

According to information released by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office by way of Commander Monty Huber, the former treasurer/city clerk in Mesa is in jail.

Danni Lee Speelman (age not given) of Connell was terminated from her job in July of this year by the City of Mesa. The reason for her firing was not given, but shortly afterward, Huber says a city employee discovered a possibly fraudulent transaction.

Franklin County Sheriff's Investigators began to go through city records after several other similar transactions were found.

Speelman allegedly made out checks from the city to herself and associates, say investigators. They also said she tried to conceal the theft by "using her position as the primary person responsible" for Mesa's accounting system.

No figures have been released as to how much money Speelman allegedly took.

   Speelman was located and arrested in Richland on September 12th

Huber says she was located and arrested in Richland without incident. She had previously been notified she was under investigation but was "actively evading contact with law enforcement" according to the report.

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She is now facing multiple charges including Theft, Attempted Theft, Forgery, and Misappropriation of Accounts by a public officer. Huber says she is being held without bail in the Franklin County jail pending her first court appearance.

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