Richland police have issued an alert to the community that a former convicted sex offender is now residing in the 2000 block of Stevens Drive in Richland. (pictured is most recent photo of subject Melissa Salsbury)

Melissa M. Salsbury is a name well-known in the community as she was convicted in 2011 for her role in leading a prostitution ring in the Tri-Cities.  She was the "leader" of the ring that recruited teen-age and minor girls from area high schools, and using force and intimidation, made them engage in stripping and prostitution. She was given jail time.

Salsbury then made headlines again recently by working as a "motivational speaker" for a group based out of California.  She illegally appeared at a Kiona-Benton High School assembly with other performers in a motivational presentation.  School officials were not aware of her probationary status, and her being classified as (at that time) a Level 1 sex offender.  She appeared under a false name (Mia Rose), and deliberately broke the terms of her probation.

Because of the incident at Ki-Be High School, Salsbury has been reclassified as a Level 2 offender.  Level 3 is the highest, considered likely to re-offend.

Salsbury is under Department of Corrections supervision, and is banned from all parks, schools, libraries and their grounds in Benton and Franklin Counties.  She is currently not considered a "wanted" person at this time.

Richland issued this alert as they would with any other known sex offender who moves into, or changes addresses, within the community.  Offenders are required to inform authorities of any such changes or movements.

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