Shasta Groene is an Idaho woman, who's story 11 years ago gripped the Pacific Northwest and the nation. Now, she's created petition that's probably the hardest-hitting one ever proposed for dealing with predatory and serious sex offenders.

Groene and her brother Dylan were abducted from their home in Idaho by Joseph E. Duncan. He was a sexual offender with a long history of crimes against children. Groene's parents and another brother were murdered by Duncan, and her brother Dylan was also found murdered at a campsite in Montana where Duncan had taken the children. He was a Level 3, or most dangerous, offender.

Now in 2016, Groene has started a petition called One Strike, which would keep sex offenders off the streets for the rest of their lives.

Specific details of how it would enacted were not included, but obviously would involve Level 3, or the most serious, of offenders. Her Change.Org petition had at least 1,000 signatures, and according to information on the petition page itself, over 8,000 supporters. This petition applies to the State of Idaho.

Level 1 offenders are considered not likely to re-offend, and are NOT included in published lists of known offenders released to the public. Level 2 offenders are published, and considered possible re-offenders, and are usually monitored in some way. Level 3 are considered likely to re-offend and are closely watched by law enforcement, even if they have completed their sentencing. They are the ones required to report virtually their every move, depending upon the requirements of their release.

According to the offender tracking data at the Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chief's website, there are 21 Level 3 offenders within the city limits of the Tri-Cities, 11 in Kennewick, 10 in Pasco and none listed for Richland.

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