Comparing April 2019 to April 2020, Franklin County has seen overall crime drop 20% for what are called Part I crimes, and 19% for what are called Part II, but huge jumps in stolen property, theft and drug abuse violations.

Part I crimes include more serious offenses as homicide, rape, aggravated assault etc. while Part II include burglary, theft etc.

Much like many cities and counties, theft is up 60% over April 2019, while stolen property is up 200%.  HOWEVER, there were no stolen property reports in April 2019, and while there were only 2 this year.

Also up noticeably are Aggravated Assault, 67% rise, and Drug Abuse Violations are up 400%, from 1 last year April to five this year.

Overall crime is down noticeably April to April in the county, but the areas of increase match many other communities and counties where COVID-19 lockdowns have triggered a lot more commercial business break ins, drug and alcohol issues, and people stealing property to re sell.

Kennewick Police report they've seen a 66% jump in such types of burglaries since the COVID Stay At Home began.

These are crimes reported to an investigated by the Sheriff's Department, and don't include City of Pasco.

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