If you live outside of Pasco and are protected by Franklin County Fire District 3, you're invited to attend a meeting June 25.

The commissioners are considering asking the public to allow them to pass what is called a levy lid lift to continue funding for its Emergency Medical Services program.

Previously, it contracted for ambulance, medical service, etc. with the City of Pasco. But after a 500 percent increase in contract fees for the district, they began their own EMS program. Those protected by the district are currently paying a levy to help with that program.

It has seen nearly a 10 percent increase in EMS calls over the last few years, and they currently make up the majority of emergency calls. In order to continue and strengthen the EMS program, the district is considering asking for the levy lid lift. From the informational release:

The lid lift would cost the owner of a $200,000 home $5.33 per month ($64 per year) in addition to the district’s regular fire levy that property owners already pay.  Funds pay for ambulances, medical supplies, equipment, training, and wages for firefighters, who are also emergency medical technicians. Fire District 3’s EMS program will end in February 2014 if not continued by voters this fall.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, June 25, at 6 p.m. at 2108 Road 84 in Pasco.  Those protected by the District are strongly encouraged to attend.

The district covers much of the north of Pasco stretching from the Columbia River to nearly Charbonneau Park, and from the north city limits to Sagemoor Road and beyond.

Franklin County Fire District 3 on fire mop-up
(Franklin County Fire District #3)

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