Fred Meyer is voluntarily pulling their Angel Food Cake Bars from their shelves due to wrong labeling.

The recall effects Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. There haven't been any customer illness reported but the company isn't taking any chances.

Here are the details from a press release sent out by Fred Meyer.

Clackamas Bakery has recalled Fred Meyer Bakery Angel Food Cake Bar 12 oz. sold in its retail stores because the product may contain milk and soy not listed on the label.

Clackamas Bakery initiated the recall when it was discovered that the Fred Meyer Bakery Angel Food Cake Bar label had been incorrectly applied to packages of cornbread, officials said Monday.

People who are allergic to milk or soy could have a severe reaction if they consume this product. For consumers who are not allergic to milk or soy, there is no safety issue with the product. No customer illnesses have been reported at this time.

Check your labels and if you have any questions, contact Krogers at 1-800-KROGERS

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