On the heels of suing Gov. Jay Inslee over his mandatory mask rule, now the Freedom Foundation is suing Oregon Gov. Kate Brown over her new rule as well.

Wednesday of this week, Brown said everyone, starting with children at age 5 and up, must wear a mask in public, and it even includes persons "actively" working out in gyms.

According to the Foundation, the rule violates Oregon's administrative law process in the following way:

"The Freedom Foundation filed the court action on behalf of three individuals who object to the mandate that they wear masks.

In addition to Brown and the state of Oregon, the challenge names Oregon Heath Authority Director Patrick Allen, who on June 30 issued the so-called “Statewide Mask, Face Shield, Face Covering Guidance,” which outlines the face covering requirements.

Freedom Foundation’s challenge points out that the “guidance” is an administrative rule — and the creation of such a rule must follow the procedural standards set forth in ORS 183.

These standards include notice of the proposed rule, publication of the rule, 21 days advance notice to allow public input, and a fiscal impact statement.

The challenge argues that not only does the mandate violate state statue, it also violates the wearer’s First Amendment rights."

Jason Dudash, who is the Oregon Director for the Foundation (which operates actively in WA, OR, CA. PA and Ohio) said the following about the mask mandates:

“Governors in left-leaning states all over the country are making up the rules as they go – and ignoring the procedural rules their own state laws set up,”

The suit was filed as an emergency stay (against the mandate) with the Oregon State Court of Appeals.

The Freedom Foundation, which began in 1991, are also the group who revealed to the public that 19 of Gov. Inslee's 27 Safe Start Advisors are campaign donors. They are also supporting the Superslide Chelan Waterpark owner, and seeking an appeal of a US Judge's decision to force them to close their operation due to COVID Phases in Chelan County.

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