Whether it's frustration of the latest lockdown, or the need for a special session to address business relief and the budget shortfall, citizens are encouraged to let their legislators know...some say, 'have it.'

Over the weekend, several WA GOP House members, including Rep. Jim Walsh, were encouraging citizens to email and call their reps and demand a special session immediately. Walsh, 8th District Reps Klippert and Boehnke (Tri Cities- SE WA) have been politely 'screaming' for one for some time.

Now that Inslee has slapped a new round of 'lockdowns,' Walsh is demanding an immediate special session to pass business relief packages to prevent the mass closing of businesses we've seen already. Legislators also want to address the budget shortfall cause by COVID. They don't want Inslee to push  through a rumored new unemployment tax, which is probably the worst kept secret in Olympia--although he denies it.

Click on the link below to email legislators. Normally, it's recommended you target your District, we're in the 16th, 9th and 8th. But these GOP House members said it helps to email every legislator on the list. May take little while, but the avalanche of input should spur them to at least some action.

Click on the button below for the list.

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