Hearing about $6 a gallon gas in parts of California, we think we're lucky.  But really, we're not.

According to AAA Washington,  average gas prices in WA state have risen .46 cents in one month, and our state average is $3.98 a gallon--18 cents higher than the national average.  Most of the West-side cities surveyed by AAA showed prices over $4 a gallon, Spokane was an average of $3.67.  

 For the Mid Columbia-Tri Cities area, our prices have been around $3.75, but Costco has been as low as $3.67, and the 7-11 in Richland on GW Way and Spengler shown as low as $3.65; same price for the 7-11 in Pasco at 4313 West Court.  Prices courtesy of Tuesday update from gasbuddy.com.  Remember--they can change (and often do) at any time.   These are the highest national prices ever for this early in the year.

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