Some experts say it's tied to COVID economy and recovery, others say it's ripple effects from Biden shutting down the pipeline and new threats against the oil industry (fracking, ceasing drilling on Federal lands etc.)

Either way, the figures show we have seen gas prices hike significantly on the national and local scale since the beginning of January.

Since January 16-20 area, national prices have risen at least 8 cents, since the beginning of January (January 3 Gas Buddy data) they're up 28.

According to Automotive Fleet online, national prices have risen $.13 cents since early January. Traditionally, summer is more expensive due to what are called 'summer blends' of gas, designed for less pollution vs. more vacation travel. Prices should tend to be a little cheaper in winter. That is not the case here.

Especially since mid January, we've seen a jump.  Costco, as of February 16, was listed in Kennewick on Gas Buddy's App at $2.44 per gallon, while other stations were reported along a scale that went as high as $2.54. That's at least 10 cents higher than just a few weeks ago (the Costco price).

By comparison, the Tri-City Herald reported last April 28, that gas dipped below $2.00 a gallon. Of course that was during COVID and nobody was traveling much. But still, a big difference.

We're going to keep an eye on this, and see if the climb continues.


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