This is NOT the actual stolen vehicle, but Pasco police say it's virtually identical.

If you see this 2001 Toyota RAV4 SUV tooling around or occupied, please call 911. It has WA plate number BBD2502.  It was left unattended Monday night around 11:30PM in the 400 block of West Bonneville in Pasco.

If you see it sitting unoccupied, call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. Police did not say now long the vehicle was missing before the owner discovered it had been stolen.

Again, folks, utilize a remote starter if you need to warm up in cold weather. At least keeping the doors locked GREATLY deters theft. If the vehicle utilizes a remote starter the chance of theft plummet. In the short amount of time required to warm up, it usually doesn't provide enough time for a thief to figure out how to access the vehicle without drawing attention by breaking a window or trying to pry open a door.


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