What started as an act of kindness by two motorists turned into a lengthy SWAT team standoff in Spokane Monday.

The strange story began when Gavin Wolf and a female friend, who was driving her car, were asked by a man for a ride from a convenience store to Fred Meyer in the Spokane Valley.

Wolf and his friend offered to give him a ride to the nearest STA (Spokane Transit Authority) station where he could catch the bus, and they even offered him a free ticket.

But apparently their generosity was not accepted by the grouchy man.  He told Wolf, "no, she's taking me to Fred Meyer," referring to the woman driver.

An argument ensued, and the man produced a gun. He pistol-whipped Wolf in the head drawing blood but not seriously hurting him.  The man bailed from the car after the woman pulled over, Wolf chased him through some side streets.

The man then ran into a house and refused to come out. The SWAT Team was called, and finally the man surrendered.  He's facing first degree assault and residential robbery charges.

Might want to think twice before offering somebody a ride, a bus ticket, or other favors.



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